Tree clearing, house pad preparation and rock breaking.
Tree clearing, house pad preparation and rock breaking.
Excavation jobs of all sizes and requirements.
Excavation jobs of all sizes and requirements.
Machinery suitable for residential and commercial earthworks.
Machinery suitable for residential and commercial earthworks.
AJ's Mini Earthmoving has been in the industry for over 48 years, so we know what machinery is best for the types of work we do. We use only trusted brands, which we know are safe and reliable for completing your projects.




The Toyota Huski is recognised as one of the toughest skid steer loaders on the market. It has the power to complete large earthmoving tasks with ease, while being highly accurate.

The Huski has a high lift capacity, making it easy to use in smaller spaces. The bucket also has a shock-reducing feature, making lifting and dumping much smoother transactions.

The Huski also has front and rear lights, making it easy to work with in shaded areas or on darker days.


Bobcat is a name synonymous with construction and earthmoving, not just in Australia, but all over the world. The 773 model has a vertical lift path, more lift height and a longer reach. These attributes make the bobcat an ideal partner to our Mack truck, and allow us to condense several machines into one.

The Bobcat 773 also comes with a range of attachments, including an auger, trencher and landplane. These attachments can easily be interchanged, making it the perfect machine for those heavily involved in backyard or civil projects.


Our 1.5 tonne excavator is ideal for those smaller jobs that still require heavy machinery, such as trenching and pool excavations. The smaller machine is also much lighter to use, making it ideal for backyard work, as it will not cause as much damage to your lawn. This machine also has rubber tracks, which make it much more pathway friendly, as it won't leave permanent marks on the driveway.

The Hyundai also has full range of movement, while keeping within the tracks of the machine. This allows it to work close to walls without causing any damage, as well as being able to fit through smaller gateways.


The Kubota U45-3 is ideal for working in smaller spaces, as it has a 360 Degree turning radius, while keeping the machine within the space of the tracks. This stops it from causing any damage to the surrounding area. This excavator also has low engine noise, even while operating at full capacity. This means the sound disruption to you and your neighbours is minimal.

The Kubota U45-3 also has a track system, which is ideal for working on soft or wet ground, as the traction control is much safer.


Our Mack has over 12 metres of tipper bed to fill, making it an ideal partner for large jobs. AJ's Mini Earthmoving relies on our Mack for transporting rocks, sand, soil and gravel on a daily basis, so you can be confident that we picked a tough truck.

The tipper bed is ideal for working with all types of fill, as it allows us to easily unload the material straight into the project space. It also helps create straightforward clean up and removal of unwanted materials at the end of the project.